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The Bristol Knee Clinic

The Bristol Orthopaedic Clinic

• The Glen Spire Hospital, Bristol
• St Mary's Hospital, Bristol
• St Joseph's Hospital, Newport
• The Lister Hospital, London

Appointment Bookings:

• Tel: 0117 970 6655


The "Glen" Spire Hospital
Redland Hill
Bristol BS6 6UT

Tel: 0117 980 4080

Bristol Nuffield Hospital at St Mary's
Upper Byron Place
Bristol BS8 1JU

Tel: 0117 970 6655

St Joseph's Hospital
Harding Avenue
Newport NP20 6ZE

Tel: 01633 820300

The Lister Hospital
The Lister Hospital
Chelsea Bridge Rd.

Tel: 01179 706655

Arthroscopy Of The Knee - Testimonials And Case Studies

Mrs Debbie Tanner -
Arthoscopy, Patello-femoral Realignment, Tibia Tubercle Transfer

Mrs Tanner's comments:

I first had cause to visit Mr Johnson in 2000 as a forty year old woman suffering with extensive swelling and pain from both knees. I had dislocated both knees over the years and thought I had a weakness. Whenever I had undertaken alpine skiing, water skiing and horse riding, all of which were my great loves, I could barely walk for a few days afterwards until the swelling subsided. After x-rays, an MRI scan and examination, Mr Johnson explained thoroughly that both knees were tilted outwards, that is that this was most likely familial or a genetic fault and they were basically wearing away and becoming arthritic.

Mr Johnson then explained in full the multiple procedures required, a two to three day hospital stay, a period on crutches, extensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Because of the deterioration in my knee which was progressive and continuous, I decided to go ahead with Mr Johnson's advice. I have just recovered, having now had both knees operated on and I am delighted with the results.

I have returned to normal activities, work and sport. I am now enjoying horse riding and completing the Cornish Coastal Path Walking (a winter hobby) again, and would not hesitate to go through the procedures again if necessary! I resumed my work as a sales representative, working from home after five weeks and was back on the road visiting clients after nine weeks after surgery.

Mr Neil Wright - Arthroscopy and Realignment of the Patello-femoral Mechanism

Mr Neil Wright is a Company Director aged sixty two. Neil initially presented to Mr Johnson in August 2002. Neil had previously undergone several operations on his left knee in Newcastle but could not return to his beloved golf because of persistent pain and swelling in his knee.

Mr Johnson initially discussed the arthritic problem affecting Neil's knee. Neil requested anything possible short of a knee replacement, which would allow him to return to daily activities and golf without pain. Mr. Johnson suggested that this was possible by an arthroscopy and realignment of the patello-femoral mechanism (knee cap). Neil underwent this surgery at the Bristol Nuffield Hospital in September 2002. He was able to return to his home in Newcastle after three days and was able to fly to South Africa to recuperate for several months. Here he initially returned to golf. Unfortunately this was perhaps a little too soon and further physiotherapy and rehabilitation was necessary. Neil is now almost a year following the initial surgery. He has returned to playing golf on a regular basis up to four times in a single weekend and is pleased with his progress.

Neil has been delighted at the treatment he has received and the outcome of patello-femoral reconstruction and from the Bristol Nuffield Hospital. He feels that the travelling from Newcastle to Bristol to be well worthwhile and the surgery has allowed him to return to golf and is thoroughly enjoying life again. Indeed Neil and Mr Johnson enjoyed a weekend's golf in Scotland in September 2003.

Mr Clive Cole - Arthroscopy and Patello-femoral Reconstruction

Mr Clive Cole is a railway engineer and was initially seen by Mr Johnson in February 2003. Clive had sustained a twisting injury at work and had undergone several previous operations in Reading without improvement. He presented being unable to walk without crutches, was in constant pain and was unable to work and had not done so for two years

Initially, Mr Johnson suggested a period of intensive physiotherapy and a patellar stabilizing brace for the knee. Eight weeks later, Mr Johnson advised Clive about the prospect of further surgery, which would entail arthroscopic debridement, and reconstruction of the patello-femoral joint and extensor muscles of the knee. Surgery was undertaken on 16 June 2003 at the Bristol Nuffield Hospital St Mary's. He was initially hospitalized only for two days but has chosen to return for regular physiotherapy with Fiona Everton one of the hospitals specialized knee physiotherapists.

Subsequently Clive has made a remarkable recovery. He is now twelve weeks following surgery, he has discarded his crutches, walking stick and knee brace, he has returned to work, is enjoying life to the full and is delighted with the results.

How to arrange an appointment with Mr. Johnson

Your first appointment is usually arranged with Mr Johnson at the Bristol Nuffield Hospital at St Mary's. It is a modern well-equipped hospital with 36 private bedrooms and two operating theatres, and offers a full range of services.

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